Council of the Association

The mandate of Council for the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick is to control, govern and manage, or supervise the control, government and management, of the business and affairs of the Association and all aspects of the practice of architecture. Currently, the composition of Council is as follows:

Council of the Association  2017 – 2018

Donald C. Sterritt, AANB, FRAIC, President
Barbara A.W. Nicholson, AANB, FRAIC, Vice President
Brent V. Stewart, AANB, MRAIC, Treasurer
Malcolm R. Boyd, AANB, FRAIC, Registrar
Darroch M. White, AANB, MRAIC, Past President
Sylvain Lagacé, AANB, Councillor
J. Francis Malley, AANB, MRAIC, Councillor
Michele Mikić, AANB, Councillor
Eren R. Wuest, AANB, Councillor
Mary Swain, Intern Representative

Should you wish to contact a member of Council: Please forward correspondence in writing or  by e-mail to: