Name:  Carl Smyth

Firm:  Smyth Design Inc

Location:  Fredericton, New Brunswick

Length of time in the profession:  45 years

What inspires your work?  

The 45 years I have practiced Architecture, making me the oldest practitioner in New Brunswick at the moment. During that time my passion for Architecture has inspired me to attempt to make the proper use of and arrangement of materials and the appropriate manipulation of space, be it for work, live or play, and to create a suitable environment for my clients; “Good Architecture” occurs when attention is given to the massing and the scale of the built environment. I have been fortunate to have had a few clients during those 45 years who have allowed me the opportunity to achieve some of those goals.

What piece of architecture in New Brunswick piques your interest?

There are a few works by other Architects in New Brunswick which have  piqued my interest and attention.

What makes New Brunswick a great place for architects to work?

I chose to practice in New Brunswick because of the slower pace of life compared with larger centres. I have travelled the world and have experienced great Architectural works by very famous Architects, (I believe that all young Architects should experience that), but I always came back home to carry on a small practice without the stresses inherent in those larger practices.

How would you describe your architectural style?

I have always considered myself a modernist, but style can vary greatly depending on the site and of course the client. Personally I could never design a building without visiting the site first and obtaining the client’s requirements, this is true for every building, particularly true of residential design; we all live differently and the client’s lifestyle has to be reflected in the design. For instance, Commercial and Institutional buildings exteriors should reflect the function of those buildings and the era in which they were built.

What is one location/building you would encourage someone to visit in New Brunswick? Why?

The recently completed phase one addition to the Fredericton Art Gallery for one;  the Edmundston Botanical Gardens is another, also 385 Mapleton Road in Moncton, the multi-use colourful building is quite impressive again in massing, scale, form and colour.