Name :  Valerie Sensinger (intern architect)

Firm :  exp Architects

Location :  Fredericton

Length of time in the profession: :  4 years

What inspires your work?  

I love imagining how people will experience the spaces I design in daily living. We are all shaped by the buildings that surround us, and it’s fun to think that I am contributing to the backdrops of kids’ childhood memories every time something I’ve worked on is built.

What piece of architecture in New Brunswick piques your interest?

Every building has a personality and a story.  And there are a lot of good architecture stories in New Brunswick!

What makes New Brunswick a great place for architects to work?

In New Brunswick, most architects work on a variety of project types, and the architecture community is small and supportive. Working on a-little-bit-of-everything means I get to walk in the shoes of many different professions as I learn about what they need in a building.

How would you describe your architectural style?

Respectful and useful with a touch of delight.

What is one location/building you would encourage someone to visit in New Brunswick? Why?

The Dickson Falls Trail in Fundy National Park has a fantastic boardwalk system that steps lightly, preserving and enhancing a magical walk up a waterfall.  It seems very New Brunswick to me—mostly trees and water, with the built environment perched around, admiring.