Membership Fees & Dues

Category Fee HST Total Fee
Registered Membership $715.00 $107.25 $822.25
Reciprocal Membership
Outside of New Brunswick
$715.00 $107.25 $822.25
Intern Membership
Includes complimentary copy of the Intern Architect Program manual
$105.00 $15.75 $120.75
Student Membership No fee required
Registration / Administration Fee $250.00 $37.50 $287.50
Certificate of Practice
Per Architect, who is a partner, officer, director or who is responsible for the 
practice of architecture, or who is authorized to apply the stamp on behalf of the firm.
$595.00 $89.25 $684.25
Temporary Licence Fee
+ Certificate of Practice Fee (as seen above)
(Fees shall be for a project year commencing with the earlier of the date when the 
design work was first commenced on the project by the applicant or the date of 
issuance of the licence and Certificate of Practice. The applicant shall agree to remain 
licenced for the duration of the project and for a period of one (1) year 
following substantial completion of the specified project)
$3,750.00 $562.50 $4,312.50
Temporary Licence to resolve a contravention of the AANB Act (Plus Certificate of Practice Fee as seen above) $3,000.00 $450.00 $3,450.00