Benefits of Design

A new Report by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) provides evidence that well designed buildings can deliver tangible social and economic benefits to those who use them and invest in them.T

  • Health Benefits: Patients with access to daylight and external views require less medication and recover faster. While for medical staff, having efficient, effective and flexible facilities enabled them to do their job better and reduced stress, fatigue and changes of making mistakes.
  • Educational Benefits: In one school when they moved to a new building vandalism fell by 50% and bullying by 23%. And teachers agree, a 2010 survey of teachers found that almost all indicated that school environment had an influence on student behaviour.
  • Growth and Employment: The development of well thought out urban spaces can revitalize run-down areas. One such initiative in Liverpool,England helped create over 3,500 new local jobs.
  • Workplaces: The right workstation layouts, space allocation, air quality and lighting can create a more efficient and positive working environment.

The cost to design a project typically represents only 1-2% of the buildings’total cost. By contrast, building operation and maintenance (energy, heating,electricity, etc.) is 10 times the cost of the design. Good design will incorporate energy saving techniques. This investment in quality design now,can achieve significant savings during the life of your building.

Architectural design considers the interior environment. Studies have shown that considerations such as view and natural light create a more pleasant environment, resulting in increased productivity of the users.

Architectural design considers the efficient use of space, now and into the future. Through effective design and layout you can maximize the space you have creating better productivity and future value. Architectural design takes into consideration the landscaping, building form and siting (position on thesite), exterior finishes and design.

Through good design, your building will contribute positively to your community, creating places we all want to live, work and visit.

Good design now saves you money later.