Getting a building project constructed is a difficult task, and even knowing where to start can be daunting. You may know the exact details of the project (such as budget, schedule, program, etc.) or you may simply know that there is a need for a certain facility in your community. But where do you start?

What you need is someone who is experienced in the design industry, who can take your building project requirements and coordinate other professionals to develop your design and ensure your project is built.

The primary role of an architect is to do just this; they can coordinate all aspects of the design on your behalf

Who are Architects?

Architects are knowledgeable and valued experts in building design. They play a key role in planning and building strong, vibrant communities. Architects value quality and safety above all, and work to build only the best for the New Brunswick communities in which we all work, live and play.

How can an Architects’ involvement ensure your building project objectives are realized?

Architects have the education, training and professional experience to transform your ideas into design solutions that meet your functional needs. Since Architects are able to understand your project in its entirety, an Architects’ involvement can save you time and money and bring vision, creativity and strategic thinking to your project. Architects take the requirements of your building project and coordinate consultants, contractors and other professionals resulting in a professionally designed and built project.

We hope this Guide will assist you in understanding the process of building a project and the valuable role an Architect can play.