Post Construction

Once a project is considered completed by the Architect, a final review with the Contractor is done to identify, confirm and correct any deficiencies (anything that does not comply with the drawings and specifications). This is followed by a one-year warranty period.

What are the Client’s responsibilities?

Warranty Period
A client is typically responsible for monitoring the buildings performance and relating any issues to the Architect for resolution if required.

Tenant Occupancy
The client is also responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the building once construction has been completed.

What deliverables can you expect from the Architect?

Warranty Review Period

  • Preparation of “Record” drawings and specifications which document any changes made to the project during construction
  • Field review and written report of deficiencies and coordination of their completion
  • Coordination of the repair, by the Contractor, of and warranty items

Tenant Occupancy

Before the Client and/or Tenant/Occupants can use the building,the building systems and operational equipment/components must be inspected to make sure they are fully functional. This procedure of checks and reviews is called Commissioning. This is generally done by the Architect and Engineering Consultants and can include the end user.