Role of an Architect

What are the benefits of hiring an Architect for your project?

An Architect acts as the coordinator for your building project and is typically hired as the Prime Consultant. An Architect will guide you through the design and construction process and, in conjunction with the Client, manage your budget. In conjunction with the Client. It is highly beneficial to retain an Architect to ensure your project requirements and expectations are met.

Traditional Services related to building projects

  • Developing project requirements and establishing a realistic and achievable budget and schedule for the project
  • Providing the Client with a list of required site information(survey and soils) and assisting them in obtaining that information when requested
  • Coordinating the design team – structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services along with other specialist consultants as required
  • Ensuring the building design meets or exceeds the requirements of all Codes and Regulations including zoning,site plan control, building and fire codes.
  • Providing drawings, sketches and models of building concepts and design development (if required) for the Client
  • Preparing detailed construction documents, plans and specifications which will be used for permitting and tendering purposes
  • Assisting the Client in obtaining bids for construction
  • Administering the contract by carrying out reviews during construction to ensure the building is being built in conformity with the plans and specifications
  • Identifying deficiencies in the work and facilitating their correction

What services do Architects provide?

Architects provide a wide-range of professional services. Depending on the project type and complexity, some or all of the following services may or may not be required.

In addition to building design, Architects can:

  • Assist Clients in finding a suitable site for their project or offer input in comparing site options
  • Prepare a feasibility analysis for a property the Client already owns or is considering purchasing
  • Undertake a space and use analysis to determine whether renovations,additions, relocation or a new build is required to meet their needs
  • Assess a building before a Client invests to identify any necessary upgrades and their costs to determine value for the investment and if i tmeets the Clients’ needs.

Did you know an Architect will navigate codes&regulations on your behalf?

To protect the users of a building, there are many Codes and Regulations that must be adhered to.In

An Architect and their design team will ensure:

  • Proper site planning to meet building setbacks, parking requirements and any special zoning conditions
  • The requirements of the “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” are met (i.e. Office of the Fire Marshal, Local Building Inspectors, etc.) as required by Provincial, Municipal or other legislation
  • That the requirements of other regulatory bodies are met including health,environmental and utilities branches such as electrical, propane, elevator,boiler inspections, etc.