Starting a Project

1. Identify your project

Architects help clients identify their project and articulate their needs and aspirations. Whether to renovate, restore or build new – an Architect can advise you on the best and achievable solution.

2. Understanding your space and program requirements

Architects will help develop your project’s space and program requirements(i.e. room size and purpose, room functionality, daylighting requirements, energy efficiency options, etc.). This evolves from discussions with the client,user and/or community group.

3. Developing the budget and schedule

In all projects, it is important for clients to establish a realistic budget and schedule. Architects help clients by reviewing their proposed budget and schedule and advise them of any potential cost saving measures and timing issues.

4. Retaining an Architect and the Project Consultant Team

An Architect will coordinate the design of your project and should be retained as soon as possible. (See “Role of an Architect” for the many benefits associated with engaging your Architect as soon as possible). The Architect will then assemble a project consultant team, coordinate their work and be the point person for the project.

Depending on the size of a project, a client may be able to manage their project themselves. For more complex projects, an Architect will manage your project on your behalf and liaise with you and/or your building committee as required.